The Macquarie Group is specialized in banking, financial, investment and funds management services. The objective of the Macquarie group is to highlight its services considered a bit austere market. The video helped to break the ice by explaining the method and philosophy of the group. GET A QUOTE



SourceTAG is a printing company that allows plant producers and garden centers to produce their own labels to identify their plants. The objective of SourceTAG here is to gain notoriety in a very specific niche market. The video was an effective way to show how beneficial could be the solutions offered for garden [...]



Sanuvox specializes in air purification and air conditioning by UV sterilization systems. Because Sanuvox wanted to promote its products, the company has used the services of Osko Production to create educational and informative videos. These videos introduce the company but also its products and their use in a hospital environment. GET A QUOTE [...]



Délimax is a company specialized in production, slaughter, processing and distribution of the veals in North America. The objective of Delimax is to publicize its business in a market in where products are not well appreciated. This video effectively helped to show all features of the company. Not only its activities, certifications, but [...]